Our tips to write your product sheet

Apr 08, 2016

In the previous blog post, we talked about the commercial documents used in the food industry. Some of our readers were particularly interested in one of them : the product sheet. That's why this article is entirely devoted to this document.

The product sheet contains a set of information about a product, its technical, logistic and marketing characteristics. It is an essential commercial document.

A good product sheet contain (nearly) always :

  •    A product name – its description
  •    A picture or a drawing
  •    The brand
  •    The model
  •    The reference
  •    The origin or the place of manufacture
  •    Its technical characteristics (eg : size)
  •    Its commercial characteristics (eg : price)
  •    Its complementary products or accessories


To successfully create the perfect product sheet, there are several keys to respect :

First, you have to perfectly describe your product. Do not miss the chance to interest your reader. To do this, adopt an empathetic attitude and put yourself instead of your customer. Try to answer the usual questions of your prospects : Why ? How ? Advantages ? Quality ? Price ?

Then, you need to achieve an airy and powerful presentation. Prefer chips and short sentences rather than long paragraphs and texts.

Try to stand out from your competitors by displaying your colors, presenting your products in action, prioritizing your information ...

Last but not least : treat your pictures. Pictures on a white background increase the sales. It allows the visitors to focus on the presented product and the details. White offers undeniable qualities : purity, elegance, sharpness.


A good layout inevitably plays a major role in the sales process.


See you ! 


fiche produit vin suisse valais.jpg

An example of a product sheet in the wine sector

fiche produit medical fauteuil electrique.jpg

An exemple of a product sheet in the medical sector

fiche produit batiment plaque.jpg

An example of a product sheet in the construction sector


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