Apr 03, 2023

Our import module is able to connect directly to the webservice of your Magento, Prestashop or Odoo e-commerce.

Catbuilder has its own database but our philosophy is to avoid double encoding. This is why we have developed tools over the years, such as the Magento import module, which allow you to set up in a completely transparent way the replication of your data (texts and images) as well as their structure. However, if the structure of your data is different from that of Catbuilder, this is not a problem because it is possible to transform the import flow so that the two are compatible. Catbuilder always adapts.

Once your data is synchronized, you can associate them with layouts (presentation masks, headers, footers, page backgrounds, beginnings of chapters, etc.) previously created in Catbuilder to automatically and dynamically lay them out and print them .

In the previous post, our comments were illustrated by some examples of products on the Luma site (by Magento) and their equivalent laid out in Catbuilder in the form of a B2B catalog. This time, we offer you a different version of the same Luma products but in a more elaborate, more graphic form, intended more for the end customer (B2C).



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