The documents in the food sector

Mar 17, 2016

Today let’s review the different types of documents that our users, active in the food sector, realize with Catbuilder.


The thicker document but also the most common is the main catalog. The catalog, printed or in digital format (PDF) is the most usual and familiar tool, as used by the representative/seller then by the buyer/client.

This catalog allows the representative/seller to have a clear idea of what he sells.

It is also the one who tempts the buyer/customer to order some goods.

It contains a lot of pictures, beautiful pictures, and the technical informations are present in a lesser extent. We rarely find in it simple graphical lists.


The little brother of the main catalog, the specific catalog, thinner, resumes and highlights a specific product assortment. Frequently, this document consisting of a selection of products is offered to the major customers or to the future customers to seduce and persuade them. The specific catalog is created based on past orders and favorite products. It also allows to present some similar or complementary products to their usual selection.


As the specific catalog, the periodic catalog presents an assortment, a selection of products, usually with a seasonal content. This is a widely used tool for replenishment. It contains an image per product, coupled with its label and a bar code to facilitate the customers weekly orders.

It is also possible to edit such documents as labels to stick on the shelves of a stock.


Fourth type of document, and widely used in the food sector : the promotions. The promotions allow to highlight specific terms and conditions or ponctual actions. This kind of documents contain a few pages, it can be printed on paper regularly. It also helps to counter competing actions.


As used as the previous documents, the products sheets are essential. A product sheet is a document describing all the technical, logistical and administrative characteristic of a product. In the food sector the most used specifications are : components or ingredients, allergens, DLC, origin, conservation, storage conditions, method of manufacture ...


The tariff, annexed to the main catalog details the prices for each product. The spotlight is on the price information and product specifications, not on the images. The tariffs may differ between customers or between customer types. However, these price lists are in addition to the main catalog, where the rough prices are (often) already indicated.


With Catbuilder, you can realize all these documents (and many others). Once your data is recovered and Catbuilder has treated them, you just save it all and choose the form of your document.

It's that simple !


Buonfresco catalogue alimentaire.jpg

The main catalog

Promotion catalogue alimentaire.jpg

Some promotions

Fiche produit alimentaire.jpg

The products sheets

Liste de prix alimentaire.jpg

An example of tariff


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